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Most of my items comes from UK Estate Sales and auctions which I really enjoy. I am ALWAYS happy to combine shipping charges. I always try to have a variety for everyone.

I have enjoyed meeting people since I began to sell on the web. So please, if you have any questions...ask. I would love to know you and see what you are looking for. However if you are one of those people who is rude, hateful, demanding, and care for no one other than yourself, I am asking you now to please do not buy my items. I am sorry that sounds mean. I know these people are few and far in between. However as we all know they are out there. I feel after watching people buy and sell for many years, having a open and honest relationship with customers is by far the best policy. I have met a few honest buyers and sellers since publishing in the web (you know who you are :-)) so “thank you” dear ones!! it's a Blessing knowing you :-)... Cheers

Johnson Brothers "Mount Vernon - the home of George Washington" Teapot

A Handsome globe teapot made by Johnson Bros with a super underglaze blue engraving of 'Mount Vernon- the home of George Washington', framed with oak leaves. It has a U.S patent office number 2111255. Approx 1.5 pint teapot, Measures 9" from spout tip to handle. Condition is MINT.-This teapot was bought from a garage sale in U.S , New Jersey 7 years ago.

Item Price : MYR 250